Give Help. Get Help.

Serving our church family and community

In light of circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have been presented with a unique way to help others. Our biggest goal is to reach out and help our seniors and those with underlying medical conditions—along with those who need technical support to watch our services online or to connect with us through social media.

If you need help, select the "Get Help" button below to let us know how we can serve you! If you cannot fill out the form, please call the Church at (707) 584-9759 and leave your name and number. Here are the types of services we seeking to provide:

  1. grocery delivery
  2. essential errands
  3. technical support (watching our services online or following us on social media)

If you want to help, there are many different ways to serve those in our community who are the most vulnerable right now. Select the "Give Help" button to learn how you can serve.

Get out of the house!


Easter Drive-in Experience

Enjoy Live Music and an Easter Lesson delivered through FM radio broadcast in the comfort of your car!

4 weekend opportunities, April 11-12